Made in Italy since 1932

Our Journey began in Florence during the summer of 1932 when the gelato maker Idilio Badiani opened his first Gelateria. After his reign, in 1993, the gelato maker Orazio Pomposi and his two sons Paolo and Patrizio took over the store. They took Badiani to new heights through their creative innovations across the flavours as well as the productions. In 2015 we entered the UK market and now have four stores across London along with a dedicated laboratory.

Our gelato is crafted in the age-old Italian tradition and we infuse culinary sensibilities to provide delightful twists for the palate. A team of experienced gelato makers transform our carefully selected ingredients into the most delicious artisan gelato.
We can create any flavour you would like to delight your customers with, including a variety of savoury options. All our receipts are developed by Paolo Pomposi (Head of Production and Award Winning Gelato Maker).