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We are open to partner with any business interested in authentic Italian artisan gelato. Are you a restaurant or a hotel looking to delight your customer’s taste buds and leave them with a sweet memory of their meal? Are you hosting an event and want to create a gelato corner? Are you planning to sell gelato at your café or deli? We can do all this and more.

Your personalised world of gelato

We produce over 100 gelato flavours and sorbets, including gluten-free, vegan and savoury options. Thanks to the expertise of our Award-winning Gelato Maker Paolo Pomposi we can prepare bespoke gourmet gelato. We can supply you with different tub sizes as well as disposable compostable packaging, cones and cups.

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No one likes to wait for their gelato on a hot day, so, to make sure it gets to you quickly, we send it directly from the nearest Badiani shop.

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