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Trade the hot cross bun and stale simnel cake for Badiani gelato’s cool Italian Easter desserts. The perfect alternatives for the holiday that celebrates all things sweet.

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Magical easter dessert delivery

From semifreddo eggs to classic Italian Easter cakes, award-winning, luxury gelato producer Badiani will become your personal Easter Bunny, delivering delightfully delicious and unique Pasqua desserts directly to your doorstep, whether you’re living in London or further afield.

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Italian easter classics

For Italians, the Colomba is to Easter what the Panettone is to Christmas – this traditional dessert goes back centuries and is a must-have on any Pasqua table.  Like its Christmas counterpart, the Colomba’s dough is made of flour, fresh eggs, butter, and natural yeast giving it a deliciously sweet and fluffy texture.

Badiani’s handcrafted classica version is studded with zesty candied orange peel while the dark chocolate option contains decadent dark chocolate chips throughout. Both dove-shaped cakes are topped with crunchy almonds and sugar sprinkles for some extra bite.

Badiani - Easter Classica


Badiani - Easter Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

Easter surprises

Sure as eggs is eggs, you won’t have cracked open an Easter dessert quite like this before! Badiani’s wonderful Semifreddo Eggs take the shells of real hen’s eggs and fill them with creamy mascarpone or rich gianduja semifreddo.

Choose a single one as a decadent individual delicacy, or buy a colourful egg box to delight friends and family.

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A scoop of easter flavours

Our Badiani’s master gelato maker has distilled the taste of a traditional Italian Easter dessert into a single scoop.

The limited edition Colomba flavour brings together the sweet, zesty lightness of the traditional Colomba cake into creamy gelato form – the perfect scoop to place on top of one of our delicious freshly-made crêpes or waffles.

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Chocolate box shops

Are you ready to go on an Easter dessert hunt throughout the capital? Our Badiani shops are as instagrammable as they are welcoming. Set foot in the orange bubble of happiness on Fulham Road and the pretty in pink property in Camden Passage with its cute hidden (and heated) gardens out back where you can create your perfect springtime hideaway. Enjoy any of the menu’s hot or cold gourmet cakes, pastries and gelato treats alongside specialty coffees, dreamily creamy hot chocolate, or Italian small producer wines.

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