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Mother's Day treats at a special price!

Order on our online shop to get a special price on our Mother's flower-shaped treats and get an extra 15% discount by registering to our newsletter! (Obviously, mum's the word!)

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Dear Mum, this gelato bouquet is for you (and me)

Make her special day even sweeter with some Badiani gelato! Want to impress? Choose between our white chocolate and pistachio flower cakes. Safe in the knowledge that you will now be your mother's favourite child, why not extend your magnanimous generosity to siblings and other family members with the large flower cake? If your mother isn't into grand gestures, keep it simple and sweet with a gelato box, two spoons and you!

  • Pistachio flower cake
  • Gelato box
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Badiani Mother's Day - WHITE CHOCOLATE FLOWER CAKE Badiani Mother's Day - Pistachio flower cake Badiani Mother's Day - Gelato box
Badiani Mother's Day - Gelato Time

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