Badiani, Firenze 1932

Badiani gelato specialties

At Badiani, we love to spread gelato joy to the world. And to make your experience even more fun, we have created all kinds of gelato perfection to satisfy your tastes and mood. Discover our rainbow of gelato flavours, our gelato treats and cakes and other delicious surprises.


Our gelato is made following age-old artisanal Florentine methods. Our secret? The best quality ingredients combined with the creative flair of our master gelatieri.

Badiani 1932 - Gelato
  • Badiani classics
  • Vegan sorbets
  • Chocolate fever
  • In a nutshell
  • Crème de la cream

Badiani classics

Badiani 1932 - Badiani classics

These flavours are the epitome of the Badiani style. Classically simple on the surface, amazingly rich in flavour the deeper you dig in.

Vegan sorbets

Badiani 1932 - Vegan sorbets

The freshest seasonal fruits are given a place of honour in our line of sorbets. Even better, all our sorbet flavours are 100% vegan.

Chocolate fever

Badiani 1932 - Chocolate fever

The love of chocolate is overpoweringly irresistible. All our Chocolate Fever flavours are an ode to this magical ingredient.

In a nutshell

Badiani 1932 - In a nutshell

If you like a bit of added texture in your gelato, you have come to the right place. All our In A Nutshell flavours showcase one of your favourite nuts.

Crème de la cream

Badiani 1932 - Crème de la cream

For the ones who enjoy the timeless quality of creamy flavours. How could you go wrong with the silky and soft texture of our Crème de la Cream flavours?

Gelato treats

Our best flavours transformed into fun treats to share. Our pinguinos (gelato on a stick) and gelato cookies add a bit of crunch to your favourite gelato!

Badiani 1932 - Gelato treats
  • Pinguinos
  • Gelato cookies


Badiani 1932 - Pinguinos

Our collection of different gelato flavours on a stick. And to top it all off, a coating of fine chocolate. The right choice for people who like a bit of crackle with their gelato.

Gelato cookies

Badiani 1932 - Gelato cookies

Two layers of delicious cookie around a tick layer of gelato. Perfect for the ones who like to keep their hands clean!

Gelato cakes

Impress friends and family with our beautifully crafted and elegantly decorated gelato cakes. Glossy and smooth on the outside, incredibly soft on the inside.

Badiani 1932 - Gelato cakes
  • Pistachio Gelato Cake
  • Hazelnut Gelato Cake

Pistachio Gelato Cake

Badiani 1932 - Pistachio Gelato Cake

All the Badiani Classics united in one delightful creation: Buontalenti gelato on a sponge cake bed covered with our special pistachio cream. Our Pistachio Gelato Cake is sure to bring the wow factor to any dinner party.

Hazelnut Gelato Cake

Badiani 1932 - Hazelnut Gelato Cake

Our signature flavour La Dolcevita on a sponge cake base. The cherry on top: a scrumptuous chocolate hazelnut cream. Our Hazelnut Gelato Cake is the showstopper you want at your party.

And more

Badiani has even more in store for you. Discover our gourmet crepes, speciality coffees and amazing selection of Italian wines.

Badiani 1932 - Crepes and more
  • Crepes
  • Specialty coffees
  • Wines


Badiani 1932 - Crepes

If you aren’t in the mood for gelato (hard to believe), you will definitely find your happy place with our gourmet crepes. Feeling a bit saucy? No problem, we have three delectable ones to choose from.

Specialty coffees

Badiani 1932 - Specialty coffees

Italians aren’t just famous for gelato, they also really know and love their coffee. At Badiani, we went all out with our specialty coffees. Just right for those times you need a heart warming experience.


Badiani 1932 - Wine

Discover our curated selection of wines from different regions of Italy. The winning combination: the wonderful company of friends accompanied by a great glass of wine.